Moving workloads to the cloud is only accelerating in the near future. BoxBoat engineers train across all major cloud environments, but our roots are built on Amazon Web Services.


Infrastructure as Code is an idiom we bring to all of our engagements, no matter the size. Cloud Formation allows us to realize this paradigm in a fast, efficient, and repeatable manner for each of our clients, even after we're long gone. For all engagements we:

  • Architect an AWS solution to custom fit your business and needs
  • Script everything using Cloud Formation, Terraform, and Ansible
  • Deploy Production-ready infrastructure
  • Enable on the ground teams for repeatable environment recovery and recreation

In the Datacenter

AWS is across regions, availability zones, and even client datacenters with AWS Direct Connect. AWS Direct Connect makes it easy to establish a dedicated network connection from your premises to AWS. Our certified AWS architects know where this intersection begins and ends to provide the most cost effective solution for your needs.