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BoxBoat helps global companies develop, integrate, and deploy applications faster with emerging technologies

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We are developers at heart and have the expertise to move your most complicated legacy applications to a new beginning on-premise or in the cloud - the BoxBoat MTA.


Reach out to learn the proper intersection of service gateways, discovery, frameworks like Spring Boot, and modern container orchestration.


We love containers - so much so, we're certain we can get you to love them too. We use and support Docker as our container runtime.

Enterprise Secure

Security is hard; full stack technologies increase the challenge.  Our team is deep in security and will ensure you are ready with our BoxBoat Security Audit.

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Containerize applications, create best-practice development workflows, and build robust microservice architectures with our hands-on expert Architects.

Continuous Integration

Let's face it, Jenkins is everywhere, it works, and it's not going away. We work well with Jenkins for its flexibility, but also have yet to come across a CI tool we can't work with.

Continuous Deployment

Our team loves automation; whether that's Bamboo, UCD, GoCD, or something we haven't heard of yet, we can work it using our knowledge of scripted pipe-lining and build process.

integrate easily

Integrate your entire technology stack under centralized, distributed automation to increase development speed, enforce testing, and solidify security.


Proper CI/CD isn't quickly solved by a single tool - we bring the knowledge to make it work for your ecosystem and workflows.

Blue / Green

Container orchestration platforms put this in reach, but we make it a reality. Our experts have been doing this for a while.


We use open source solutions like Prometheus with incredible partners like New Relic and CoScale to give the insights needed.

Enterprise Secure

Half of our team grew their skills in Washington, D.C. security. We know a thing or two.

deploy faster

Using the latest automation tools, deploy containerized applications to Docker Swarm, AWS EKS, and Kubernetes, in the cloud and on-premises.

Our Solutions

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Notable Customers

Fortune 300 Healthcare Company

Healthcare Company is one of the world's largest medical services providers. BoxBoat modernized existing development workflows and containerized mainstay application.


Plexus Worldwide makes various health and wellness supplements sold through a group network sales model.

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BoxBoat has provided customized solutions for both startups and Fortune 100.
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We are a team of Docker and Kubernetes contributors, experienced enterprise implementers, and circuit speakers. Our global client base has counted on us time and time again to deliver for their Container, Automation, and Cloud needs.