Deliver Software Faster

Deliver Software Faster

Docker consulting for strategic software containerization and technical implementation services to streamline your DevOps workflow and empower the data center.

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Deliver Software Faster

Docker consulting for strategic software containerization and technical implementation services to streamline your DevOps workflow and empower the data center.

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Jenkins with Docker

As both an official Docker and Cloudbees Consulting Partner, BoxBoat specializes in the architecture and implementation of containerized CI/CD.

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Legacy Apps to Cloud

Docker containers are supported by every major cloud provider and are easy to deploy on-premise. Mix and match for a hybrid rollout or move between using the Docker Data Center toolset.

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Latest from the Blog

BoxBoat Cert Tool: Free Let’s Encrypt Certificates for Docker Datacenter

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Boot Camp for Docker

Hands-on intro to the toolchain, terminology, and ecosystem

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Microsoft + Docker

Get the Free Docker on Windows Brief

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BoxBoat Services for Your Organization


Increase development cycle times while improving production software quality. Use containerization to run test suites against any operating system environment, creating production-ready deployments at each new application build.


Development and operations teams can find themselves siloed, decreasing productivity and slowing down their software release to the world. Standardized deployment artifacts from development to deployment decrease complexity to production while increasing team corroboration.

Cloud Enablement

Package your applications using Docker and remove the guessing game out of the latest trends in infrastructure deployment. Containerized applications run in both public and private environments – anywhere you need!

Infrastructure Optimization

Virtualization technology changed the way we manage data center deployments and management – can it be taken a step further? Containerization can provide immediate improvements in resource contention, scalablity, and portablility while coexisting within both bare-metal and virtualized environments.  



“ePlan Services, a leader in online 401(k) Plans, selected BoxBoat to assist ePlan on the use of a micro-service architecture, Jenkins, and Docker to create an updated customer facing web site.   The BoxBoat team has been an outstanding teammate, executing with the highest level of professionalism, technical expertise, and responsiveness.  Our collaboration on this innovative project, building an agile continuous delivery capability, has allowed ePlan to be more responsive to our customer’s needs in using our services.”

-Trevor Sterritt, Manager of Software and IT

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“BoxBoat came in on short notice and did a thorough job of reviewing our new Docker architecture. Their exhaustive knowledge and cheerful professionalism helped us clear the last hurdles to a successful deployment.”

-Mike Gunderloy, Vice President Engineering

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“We rapidly covered the ins and outs of the platform and got to work testing containerization with familiar applications. Will and Brandon were very knowledgeable and demonstrated capabilities directly aimed at our business needs with hands-on exercises.”

-Edward Trudeau, Director of Software Development, Distributed Information Technologies, Inc.

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“Thanks BoxBoat for the extremely helpful BoxBoat Bootcamp for Docker.  Your team brought the optimal mix of Docker expertise, “new stack” knowledge, and real world experience.  This was a great way to kick-off our relationship.”

-Malcolm Hyson, Discover Technologies, Chief Technology Officer

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We are the only Docker Inc. partner solely focused on bringing Docker containerized services into your environment. With decades of consulting and engineering experience, we can help your organization adopt containerization.

Deliver software faster with BoxBoat consulting services.

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