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Empower your team with on-site, remote, or self-paced training customized for the unique needs of your organization. Led by our team of CKA, Docker, and cloud certified engineers.

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Expert Kubernetes Training

BoxBoat provides expert training services in Kubernetes, Docker, DevOps, and cloud native technologies to meet the unique needs of your organization.

Our hands-on training courses are delivered by experienced Solutions Architects and DevOps Engineers who implement the technologies in production on a daily basis. Our engineers hold CNCF, Linux Foundation, and Cloud certifications.

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Learn from Practitioners
All training sessions are led by BoxBoat Engineers

Lab-focused Curriculum
Hands-on labs leveraging our dedicated platform

Experienced Delivery
3,000+ training hours delivered to 50+ companies


Hands-on labs delivered in-person by BoxBoat engineers at your office, leveraging our dedicated training platform


Hands-on labs delivered remotely by BoxBoat via teleconference leveraging our dedicated training platform


Cloud Native Academy - self-paced, hands-on tech training to support continuing education for your team

Cloud Native Academy Pricing

K101 Kubernetes Fundamentals

Introductory Kubernetes focused on architecture - use-cases, Kubernetes objects, controllers, Pods, ReplicaSets, and Deployments

K201 Intermediate Kubernetes

Intermediate Kubernetes focused on networking - ClusterIP, NodePort, LoadBalancer, Ingress Controllers, and RBAC

K301 Advanced Kubernetes

Advanced Kubernetes focused on 12-Factor Applications - ConfigMaps, Secrets, Persistent Volumes, Claims, and application deployments with Helm

E401/403 Advanced Kubernetes II / Day 2 Operations

Advanced Kubernetes and operational practices - infrastructure as code, cloud-generic optimizations, enterprise platforms, CI/CD, image scanning

E404 Ask the Expert

Advanced Kubernetes - fully customized training for your team, example topics include: security, enterprise networking, infrastructure, IT integrations, DevOps

D101 Docker Fundamentals

Introductory to Docker and containerization - running Docker containers, creating Docker images with Dockerfiles, and multi-container application deployments

D201 Docker for Developers

Intermediate Docker focused on the developer track - advanced Dockerfiles, local development environments, and debugging

D202 Docker for Operations

Intermediate Docker focused on the operations track - Docker Swarm, Docker registries, enterprise platforms, CI/CD

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