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BoxBoat empowers companies through training of containerization best practices, integration and development workflows, and production containerization administration.


You have training needs that must be met for emerging technologies: docker development, container CI, and production administration. There are technology specific trainings you can purchase, but why do you need to pay for them all? How many different container technologies do I need to implement and train to make my team successful?

BoxBoat provides both technology specific and ecosystem overview training for your teams' container needs. We employ actual development leads, full stack engineers, and system administrators to effectively deliver the content, providing real-world hands-on experience of container development and administration. Our experience and material covers more than just Docker - we understand all technologies that must be integrated to make your team successful.

Our specialty is training on containerized development workflows, CI/CD, and container orchestration production across the ecosystem technology stack.


  • Docker and Development Subject Matter Experts as Instructors
  • Container ecosystem training courses
  • Introduction and Advanced training for Kubernetes
  • Official Docker Training courses

Boot Camp Agenda

Day 1
Up to 15 Attendees

Docker Introduction
    o Technical Components and Underpinnings
    o Client vs Server
    o VS Virtual Machines
    o Isolation and Immutability
    o Registries, Volumes, and Networking
    o Docker Benefits

Container Management
    o Docker CLI basics
        i. Start, Stop, Restart
        ii. Exec and Attach
        iii. Life cycle
    o Best Practices
    o Architecture

Docker Engine
    o Images
        i. Union File Systems
        ii. Image Tagging
    o Containers
    o Volumes
        i. Host, Named, Dangling
    o Networking
        i. Bridged, Host, Overlay, None
        ii. Port Mapping
    o Security
        i. Privileges
        ii. Image Signing and Verification

Dockerfiles and Docker Build
    o Syntax and Structure (FROM, RUN, ENV, ADD)
    o Best Practices
    o Management and Tagging

Running Applications as Containers
    o Docker Run Commando Best Practices

Boot Camp Agenda

Day 2
Up to 15 Attendees

    o   Docker Hub
    o   Registry
    o   Docker Trusted Registry
    o   JFrog Artifactory
        i.    Image Listing
        ii.    Searching
        iii.    Workflow
    o   Repository, Tag, Image, Layer

    o   Docker Compose (local)
    o   Docker Swarm
        i.           Architecture
        ii.           Managers
        iii.           Scheduling
        iv.           High Availability
        v.           Rolling Updates
    o   Kubernetes

Amazon Web Services
    o   ECS
        i.           Service Discovery
        ii.           Deployment
        iii.           Life Cycle
    o   Fargate

Docker Enterprise Edition
    o   Swarm
    o   Administration
    o   Security
        i.           TLS
        ii.           RBAC
        iii.           DTR
        iv.           Image Scanning
    o   Disaster Recovery

Docker, Source Control, and CI/CD Best Practices
    o   Self-describing Source Code Repos
    o   Build, Test, Deploy Pipelines
    o   Garbage Cleanup
    o   Deployment Methodologies
    o   Jenkins CI

Container Pipeline

Secrets and Configuration Management

Scalability and High Availability
    o   Replication
    o   Cluster Quorum

    o   Security

    o   Layer 7 Proxies
    o   Service Discovery

Docker & Windows
    o   Native (Server 2016, Windows 10)
    o   Hyper-V

Docker for Windows

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