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BoxBoat is a Certified CNCF, Linux Foundation, Rancher, and Docker Partner. We deliver cutting-edge Kubernetes, Docker, DevOps, and Cloud training designed for all organizations.

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BoxBoat Training Modules

BoxBoat provides expert training services in Kubernetes, Docker, and DevOps. Our hands-on training courses are delivered by experienced Solutions Architects and Container Engineers who implement the technologies in production on a daily basis. Our engineers hold CNCF, Linux Foundation, and Docker certifications.

In lieu of rigid courses, we have a collection of 1-day modules that you can "mix-and-match" to create a custom curriculum for your team. We'll work with you to determine exactly what your training needs are, and then build your custom training course. In addition, we can provide completely customized technology-focused modules with our Ask the Expert sessions.

We can accommodate both in-person and remote training sessions.

D101 Docker Fundamentals

This introductory module will teach attendees about the current containerization landscape, including the industry's migration from virtualized hardware to Docker containers. Attendees will get hands-on experience working with Docker containers and images, while exploring concepts including networking, persistent storage, and security.

D201 Docker for Developers

This intermediate module is geared for your Docker developers. Attendees will gain significant experience preparing software for containerization, configuring and optimizing images, standing up local testing environments, and debugging containerized software. This module concludes with a challenge lab that teaches attendees how to fully containerize an application.

D202 Docker for Operations

This intermediate module is designed for your Docker operators. Attendees will learn the best-practices for configuring and operating multi-container application deployments via Docker Swarm, multiple Docker image registry technologies, enterprise Docker Swarm platforms, and how continuous integration fits into the Docker Operators daily workflows.

K101 Kubernetes Fundamentals

This introductory module will provide attendees with a strong foundation of the Kubernetes orchestration platform. The module covers the origins of Kubernetes in Google's Borg project; Kubernetes architecture, primary features, networking, and extensibility; and application deployments with Kubernetes Labels, Pods, ReplicaSets, and Deployment objects.

K201 Intermediate Kubernetes

This intermediate module focuses on the wide array of networking technologies and architectures that Kubernetes provides. This module covers Kubernetes Services including ClusterIP, NodePort, and LoadBalancer; a live cloud ingress demonstration using managed Kubernetes on Digital Ocean and GKE; networking architecture discussions; and general best-practices debugging strategies.

K301 Advanced Kubernetes

This module focuses on advanced concepts used to deploy applications to Kubernetes. Attendees will learn how to store external configuration and sensitive data via ConfigMaps and Secrets; and persistent storage with Persistent Volumes and Persistent Volume Claims. This module builds on previous challenge labs by deploying a multi-container application with Helm.

E401 Day 2 Operations

Day 2 Operations focuses on the industry tooling, techniques, and operational considerations necessary for production deployments of Kubernetes. This module includes a fully automated build of Rancher using Azure Kubernetes Service or Google Kubernetes Engine via Terraform and Ansible, Prometheus, Blue/Green Deployments, Traffic Shaping with Traefik, and advanced Deployments strategies.

E402 Ask the Expert

Ask the Expert is a custom session tailored to the unique needs of your team and organization. We'll work with you to identify your most critical needs, and our engineers will lead discussions and present demos to your team about these topics. Examples include enterprise architecture, public cloud, security, automation, and service mesh. If your team is asking about it, we've used it.


Requires basic Linux command line experience


Requires basic Docker or Kubernetes knowledge


Requires working knowledge of Docker or Kubernetes

The BoxBoat Advantage

  • Learn from practitioners
    all training sessions are led by BoxBoat engineers
  • Lab-focused curriculum
    hands-on labs built from our professional experience
  • Mix-and-match training modules
    build a custom curriculum from our training modules
  • Experienced delivery
    over 2,000 hours of training delivered
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BoxBoat provides training tailored to your needs. Whether you're just getting started or have already moved to production, we'll help you further the knowledge you need to create robust and resilient systems.
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