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We can help you configure, build, and manage an enterprise container platform for your containerized applications to modernize your current deployment technologies.

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Enterprise Kubernetes Platforms

Enterprise Kubernetes platforms help deploy and manage your containerized applications on-premise, in the cloud, or at the edge. These platforms simplify managing your containerized applications.

BoxBoat was founded to help organizations deliver their containerized applications to enterprise platforms. We specialize in designing, building, and supporting enterprise-grade container platforms like Rancher, Azure Kubernetes Service, and Docker Enterprise. We've helped many organizations migrate their existing products to Kubernetes.

Key Benefits


Container platforms use modern orchestration technologies to deploy distributed applications on-premise, in the cloud, and in hybrid environments. This enables new features and use-cases that are not present with traditional deployment models that utilize virtual machines and other enterprise IT tools.


Container platforms significantly increase reliability by deploying a fault-tolerant, distributed, highly available management plane. In addition, individual application workloads are deployed in high availability as well, and can be dynamically scaled based on end-user load to provide a consistent experience.


Container platforms utilizing Kubernetes provide a configurable, automatic recovery mechanism for your distributed applications. If one replica goes down, another will automatically start, often before your APM or other monitoring solutions detect the failure. Even host failures can be quickly recovered from.

Application Re-Platforming

One of the most common uses of enterprise container platforms is to migrate an existing application or appliance to Kubernetes. This simplifies the customer installation process, improves reliability, and adds easy to configure features such as high availability, disaster recovery, and improved performance for on-premise and cloud deployments. We have deep experience with all major enterprise container platforms.

Docker Containers

Docker is the cutting edge technology that lets your organization package your software applications into lightweight images and containers. This simplifies the process of managing, monitoring, and deploying your applications across a dynamic set of physical and virtual infrastructure, while improving application density, stability, security, repeatability, and uptime.

Kubernetes Orchestration

Modern orchestration platforms like Kubernetes enable organizations to rapidly deploy their applications while utilizing significant built-in features such as horizontal autoscaling and automatic recovery. Kubernetes in the cloud and on-premise provides a robust framework to easily deploy your distributed applications that can adapt to your unique architecture.

Streamlined Delivery

Re-platforming your applications to Kubernetes makes it easier to distribute your products to clients. Combined with infrastructure-as-code and private image registries, automating the entire delivery process, from infrastructure configuration to Kubernetes installation and application deployment helps deliver to your clients faster.

Industry-Standard Orchestration

Kubernetes is the industry-standard orchestration technology for containerized workloads. Created from the lessons-learned from Google's Borg project, Kubernetes can handle any on-premise, in the cloud, and in hybrid environments for "Google-scale" application deployments.

High Availability

Kubernetes has a resilient, highly available architecture that can maintain application uptime even if the management plane experiences complete failure. It enables you to deploy your application containers in high availability and dynamically scale with end-user load. When deployed in cloud environments, you can scale workloads and infrastructure.

Enhanced Security

Kubernetes can isolate different application containers and other objects while restricting communication flow with fine-grained access controls and policy primitives. Protect your clusters with auth-based access control, namespaces, the hardened security primitives that Docker containers provide by default.

Automatic Recovery

Kubernetes will automatically recover your applications whenever fault is detected, typically before your APM or monitoring solution can detect the service outage. In addition, deploying your application containers in high availability mode means that your end-users can enjoy uninterrupted service while Kubernetes maintains the health of your applications.

IT and Operations Management

Enterprise container platforms including Rancher, Azure Kubernetes Service, and Docker Enterprise simplify the process of managing your distributed workloads deployed via Kubernetes. From built-in logging and monitoring to audit trailers and federation, we've helped IT teams streamline their management capabilities.


Federation lets you manage multiple enterprise Kubernetes clusters from a single pane of glass. Regardless if some are on-premise, others cloud, and even hybrid or at the edge environments. This provides a significant advantage and makes it easier for your IT team to manage applications deployed across multiple clusters and/or datacenters.

Logging / Monitoring

Container platforms let your team capture enhanced logging and monitoring data to provide more insights into how your applications are functioning in realtime. Your IT team will be the first to know when individual applications are automatically recovering from fault, or horizontally scaling due to increased end-user demand.


Cloud spending is one of the biggest barriers to full adoption. When organizations migrate to the cloud, BoxBoat helps them optimize their architecture and implements key features to dynamically scale when necessary, and utilize resources to minimize costs where appropriate. This can provide a return on investment almost immediately.

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