Digital Platform Strategy

Developing and implementing a finely tuned digital platform strategy will help your organization deliver value to your customers faster.

We can help you build and scale your DevOps teams, implement industry best practices, adopt cloud native technologies, and enhance your security.

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Optimize Strategy and Implement Technology

Cutting edge organizations aggressively adopt agile software development processes, cloud native technologies, and DevOps. A comprehensive digital platform strategy is paramount to effectively implement these technologies and processes.

BoxBoat has been helping organizations develop, refine, and implement digital platform strategies to solve a variety of challenges, with the ultimate goal of delivering more value to their customers through strategic automation, technology adoption, and process optimization.

BoxBoat Services

Best Practice Assessments

Every piece of technology has an industry best practice – we'll evaluate your current IT and DevOps architecture and produce a report detailing your strengths and growth areas, with recommendations to enhance your current implementation. We will also help you find an executive sponsor to accelerate your project.


Most organizations have an excessive number of tools with complex integrations – we'll work with your software development, DevOps, IT, support, and change management teams to help optimize your architecture, consolidate your toolchain, simplify your integrations, and reduce your IT overhead costs.

Kubernetes Adoption

Adopting Kubernetes is tough – our team has been implementing Kubernetes since it was first released in 2015. We can assess your current Kubernetes architecture, implement best practices, and help your greater organization adopt the industry standard container orchestration platform.

Assessment Methodology


We will interview your core teams and lead architecture discussions to gain a deep understanding of your current technologies, processes, and pain points. We'll also connect with your executives to learn about business and financial drivers.


Next, we will perform a deep dive into vendor documentation, research relevant industry best practices, and apply lessons-learned from our other customers to your current implementation, with the goal of optimizing your architecture, technologies, and processes.


We have created a proprietary DevOps maturity model that evaluates key areas including parameters such as developer productivity, build automation, build security, infrastructure automation – the goal is to strategically identify strengths and growth areas.


We will produce an in-depth current state assessment with recommendations to enhance your current implementation and processes. We will perform a deep dive into our results, and provide a high-level presentation to your executive stakeholders.

Example Deliverables

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BoxBoat has provided customized solutions for both startups and Fortune 100.
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