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Optimize Strategy and Implement Technology

Modernizing applications, utilizing cloud technologies, and deploying applications with Docker and Kubernetes requires adopting new technologies and processes. After an initial investment, these new tools and paradigms help organizations significantly improve their products.

BoxBoat helps organizations adopt cutting edge technologies by developing strategies that align customer success with business process, corporate culture, security requirements, and audit standards.

Key Benefits


Adopting cutting edge technology and deployment paradigms enables positive outcomes. Process improvements lets you take them to the next level by streamlining how your organization works both on the technical and business perspectives, with the goal of improving user experience.

Cutting Edge

Cutting edge technologies are created every day. However, it can be challenging to determine which technology will provide the most effective solution based on technical requirements and business strategy. BoxBoat helps organizations pick and implement the right tools to solve their most challenging problems.

Client Success

Client success is the number one driver of new technology adoption. Determining the right way to enact organizational change can have significant impacts on end-user experience. BoxBoat helps organizations identify and implement these changes to best serve your current and new clients.

DevOps and Architecture Assessment

Modern DevOps and Architecture provides organizations with a significant advantage when delivering services to their clients. DevOps tooling streamlines creating new features, while advanced architecture provides a robust user experience. BoxBoat can assess your organization's current architecture and DevOps usage, to determine the best course forward to improving client success.

Business Goals

BoxBoat will assess your current business goals, and connect them to your key challenges and feature roadmap to determine the best course of future action. We'll help determine and implement new technology to accomplish organizational goals, create the process necessary to accelerate, and customize them to deliver as quickly as possible.

Current Processes

BoxBoat will review your current processes, optimize them to fit within your current and/or a new cutting edge technology stack, and tailor them to maximize organizational impact. From technology automation to business process, we've worked with many organizations to help them improve client success while minimizing costs and adhering to audit regulations.

Technology Adoption

Adopting modern technologies is a significant challenge. Re-architecting systems and adopting automation tools is difficult enough - integrating them within your organization's human processes and fitting them to your individual needs is even more challenging. BoxBoat helps speed up technology adoption with our extensive experience working with many different organizations.

Container Security Audit

Containerization technologies including Docker and Kubernetes are being rapidly adopted by organizations across the globe. These technologies provide significant security advantages; however, they can also open up new vulnerabilities. BoxBoat helps organizations identify and harden security vulnerabilities in software applications deployed with Docker and Kubernetes.

Security Primitives

Docker containers provide a different type of security when compared to virtual machines. Best practices for creating Docker applications significantly reduces attack surface and can provide forward security against certain tiers of attacks. BoxBoat will audit your current Docker usage, identify security vulnerabilities, and fix them.

Access and RBAC

Kubernetes provides several techniques to authenticate to application clusters, and defines multiple strategies to limit the capabilities of individual users. BoxBoat will audit your organization's authentication and access policies for your deployed applications, make recommendations, and implement fixes.

Best Practices

When implemented with best-practices, Docker and Kubernetes are inherently secure systems. BoxBoat will audit your current usage of these core technologies in addition to infrastructure and third-party tools to develop an overall audit report to determine your vulnerability profile. We'll put together a document detailing which best-practices to adopt.

Container Readiness Assessment

Most applications and architectures can be migrated to both Docker and Kubernetes. However, there are many opportunities for optimization, and certain use-cases may require additional effort or third-party tools. BoxBoat can audit your current application architecture to verify it can be deployed via Kubernetes, and develop teh appropriate architecture to do so.

Current Automation

Container technologies and automation go hand-in-hand. To fully utilize the features of Docker and Kubernetes, BoxBoat will assess your current automation usage and determine which set of tools and paradigms will have the largest positive impact on a containerized workflow.

Container Adoption

BoxBoat will assess your current usage of programming languages and other tools to determine the ease at which they can be containerized. Most applications can be migrated relatively quickly; however, some applications will take more work, and require additional third-party tools to do so.

Security Requirements

BoxBoat will assess your current security requirements and how your applications currently adhere to them. We can then put together a technical plan to make sure that a containerized architecture at a minimum adheres to your current specification, or strictly hardens the security primitives.

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