Accelerate your development pipeline.

BoxBoat helps companies containerize applications, create best-practice development workflows, and build robust microservice architectures.


You have development needs that must be met: more organization, better tool sets, tougher deadlines. There is a world of technologies available to you, both open source and commercially available, but what direction do you go in? How many of these technologies are actually necessary, and how do your developers use them most effectively?

BoxBoat provides both direction and hands on resources to tackle your latest project or speed up your current initiatives. We employ development leads, full stack engineers, and system administrators to effectively deliver the required skill set that you need.

Our specialty is creating containerized development workflows for either legacy or microservice applications.


  • Deployable Docker and development Subject Matter Experts
  • Enterprise container Assessment
  • Boot Camp training for Docker
  • Architecture development for containers and microservices


Building a new application based on microservices?

BoxBoat can help build the initial architecture following best-practices that have been battle-tested by production applications.


Already have a containerized solution in-place?

BoxBoat performs custom Assessments that identify areas where best-practices can be improved to increase the performance, resilience, and maintainability of green-field or existing containerized/CI solutions.


Trying to transform a legacy, monolithic application?

BoxBoat helps modernize traditional applications by moving them to containers, allowing for immediate payoff of container-specific workflows.


Looking to bring the team up-to-speed on the most efficient ways to use Docker?

BoxBoat offers on-site training for teams, tailored to experience levels and area of focus.

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BoxBoat helps companies integrate their entire technology stack under centralized, distributed automation to increase development speed, enforce testing, and solidify security.

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BoxBoat helps companies deploy containerized applications to Docker Swarm, Docker EE, and Kubernetes, in the cloud and on-premises.

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