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BoxBoat helps companies deploy containerized applications to Docker Swarm, Docker EE, and Kubernetes, in the cloud and on-premises.


We develop for our customers, but ultimately we are judged by our application up-time.  There is a world of technologies available to you, both open source and commercially available, but what direction do you go in? How many of these technologies are actually necessary, and how do your administrators use them most effectively?

BoxBoat provides both direction and hands on resources to tackle your latest project or speed up your current initiatives. We employ development leads, full stack engineers, and system administrators to effectively deliver the required skill set that you need.

Our specialty is creating enterprise container orchestrated environments you can rely on for high availability, scale, and security.


  • Deployable Kubernetes and Swarm Subject Matter Experts
  • Production Readiness Audits
  • Container Monitoring solutions including CoScale and Prometheus
  • Managed services for Orchestration and Cloud
  • OpenShift, Docker EE, Rancher installation and management

Cluster Setup

Need a production-ready container environment?

BoxBoat helps companies build production-ready Docker Swarm, Docker EE, and Kubernetes clusters in a repeatable fashion using infrastructure automation tooling like Ansible, Terraform, and AWS CloudFormation.

Deployment Pipelines

Have an application that needs to be deployed to a containerized environment? 

BoxBoat helps companies build deployment pipelines including continuous deployment, blue-green deployments, and canary deployments. We have experience implementing frameworks like Istio and Spinnaker but are fully capable of a customized solution to fit your exact automation needs.


Deployed a containerized application, but not sure how to monitor it?

BoxBoat helps companies implement infrastructure and application performance monitoring (APM) solutions. We can build customized dashboarding using Prometheus as a framework or implement one of our incredible partner's container-native monitoring solutions, CoScale.

Performance & Security

Need help understanding the performance and security of a containerized application?

BoxBoat performs containerized security audits and production-ready assessments in cloud and on-premises deployment architectures.

Manage / Healthcheck

Have a containerized orchestration framework, but don’t want to deal with the headache of managing your own cluster?

BoxBoat can provide operations expertise to proactively monitor and keep your containerized environment and ecosystem technologies updated and running. We provide tiered support solutions to fit your need.


Want to teach your team how to deploy your containerized applications using industry best practices?

BoxBoat offers on-site training for teams, tailored to experience level and technical areas of focus.

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BoxBoat helps companies containerize applications and build robust microservice architectures.

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BoxBoat helps companies integrate their entire technology stack under centralized, distributed automation to increase development speed, enforce testing, and solidify security.

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