Flexible Data Center Management for the Modern Era

Flexible Data Center Management for the Modern Era

A containerized data center decreases complexity while increasing reliability.

Docker containers contain only what’s necessary to build, ship and run applications. Unlike virtualization technology (VMs), there is no guest OS or hypervisor necessary for containers. This allows enterprises to reduce the amount of storage and eliminate hypervisor licensing costs within their organizations. At the same time, this latest technology provides significant resource gains either running on bare-metal or virtual hosts while easily scaling given its extreme portability.


Deploy, migrate, or scale to any environment, including bare-metal and virtual. With orchestration platforms like Docker Data Center, containers can be moved and run between hybrid environments on a whim.


Create flexible load balancing solutions that scale containers – not expensive virtual machines – to meet demand and decrease costs.


Enable a policy-driven architecture placing governance and control at the hands of those who need it most. Deploy rapid security models across a seamless environment while no longer jumping from box to box.

BoxBoat + Data Center Modernization

How we can help

  • Resource utilization
  • Deployment flexibility
  • Automation
  • Scaling
  • HA and replication
  • Disaster recovery


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