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Hands-on Kubernetes, Docker, DevSecOps, and cloud native training for engineers, IT teams, enterprise architects, and support staff.

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IBM Consulting Cloud Native Academy is the best way to empower your team. Our hands-on training specializes in Kubernetes, Docker, DevOps, and cloud native technologies. Register here to gain access to our hands-on training labs, with new content added on a quarterly basis. Reduced pricing for teams of 5 or more.



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  • Hands-on Docker and Kubernetes labs
  • Dedicated Kubernetes cluster environment
  • 24/7/365 cloud-based training platform
  • Support email
  • Team discounts available



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  • Silver Features Plus
  • Advanced Kubernetes labs
  • GitLab and Istio
  • CI/CD and DevSecOps labs
  • Day 2 Operations
  • Support Slack Channel


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  • Gold Features Plus
  • Custom courses
  • Instructor-led training
  • Ask the Expert workshops
  • Dedicated Slack Channel
  • Dedicated cloud, on-premise environments

Training Built by Engineers, for Engineers

BoxBoat's training courses are built by our CKA, Docker, and cloud certified DevOps Engineers and Solutions Architects who work with our enterprise customers every day. We take our production experience and convert them into hands-on exercises.

Each training course is approximately 8 to 10 hours of technical content, and is accompanied by text-based walkthroughs, architecture diagrams, commentary, and at least 4 in-depth, hands-on labs. Technical content is updated quarterly.

E401/E402/E403 is a collection of the hands-on training materials and labs that we use to study for the CKA exam and to train our own engineers between projects. If you want to be a cloud native engineer, this course is for you.

Silver Training Courses

K101 - Kubernetes Fundamentals
Introductory course focused on architecture, labels, Pods, and Deployments

K201 - Intermediate Kubernetes
Intermediate course focused on networking, Services, Ingress, and RBAC

K301 - Advanced Kubernetes
Advanced course focused on ConfigMaps, Secrets, Persistent Volumes, Claims, and Helm

D101 - Docker Fundamentals
Introduction to Docker and containerization, building Docker images, and  multi-container applications

D201 - Docker for Developers
Docker developer track - advanced Dockerfiles, local
development environment, and debugging

Gold/Platinum Training Courses

Silver training courses plus

E401 - Advanced Kubernetes II
Advanced Kubernetes labs focusing on debugging, local development environments and wofklows, and additional Kubernetes objects

(coming soon) E402 - Day 2 Operations
Advanced hands-on labs focusing on Terraform, Ansible, Prometheus, EFK, and AlertManager

E403 - Cloud Native Tools
Advanced cloud native labs focusing on GitLab, Istio, continuous integration, continuous delivery, traffic management, canary deployments, circuit breaking, and load testing

Online Training Platform

Learn Kubernetes, Docker, and other cloud native tools by working with them in our hands-on training platform. Create containers, deploy applications in high availability, perform canary deployments, and more:

- Cloud-based training platform
- We give you a Kubernetes cluster!
- Cloud shell to run Linux commands
- 24/7/365 platform access
- Dedicated cloud platform available for Platinum  
- On-premise platform available for Platinum
- Email and Slack support available

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