Build, Ship, Run Distributed Applications Anywhere

Build, Ship, Run Distributed Applications Anywhere

Any infrastructure or environment, cloud or on-premise

Containerization gives developers the freedom to define environments, create and deploy apps both faster and easier, and retain flexibility for responses to change. Docker containers, the leading front runner of containerization technologies, wrap a piece of software in a complete filesystem that contains everything it needs to run: code, runtime, system tools, libraries, dependencies – anything you can install on a server. This guarantees that it will always run the same, regardless of the environment it is running in. No longer worry about infrastructure or environment, cloud or on-premise; with containerized applications, change environments on-demand running the cheapest services for that day.

Containers can be run on any number of different cloud platforms, including those that provide the most cost and performance efficiencies. Therefore, applications can be distributed and optimized, based on their utilization of the platform from within the container. For example, you could place an I/O-intensive portion of the application on a bare metal cloud to provide the best performance, a compute-intensive portion of the application on a public cloud to provide the proper scaling and load balancing, and perhaps even place a portion of the application on traditional hardware and software. They can all work together to form the application, and the application has been separated into components that can be optimized.

On-Demand Infrastructure

Docker containers are supported by every major cloud provider and are easy to deploy on-premise. Mix and match for a hybrid rollout or move between using the Docker Data Center toolset

Lightweight and containing only what they need to run, Docker containers can be shelved, moved, and deployed at an order of magnitude cheaper and easier than the traditional virtual machine.





Sub-second start times for fully installed applications allow creativity in datacenter load to take hold. With the ability to scale any part of your application in a microservice driven model, containers can alleviate traffic strain without increasing costs.

BoxBoat + Cloud Enablement

How we can help

  • Proof of concept deployments to multiple cloud environments managed from a single source
  • Education and consulting on containerization best practices and methodologies for seamless portability
  • Structured workflow around single source artifacts (Docker images) in a local or cloud repository
  • On-demand scaling automation
  • Migration complexity reduction in leveraging container abstractions
  • Leverage automation with containers to maximize portability between cloud infrastructures