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The Modern Application Supply Chain

Continuous Integration Continuous Delivery

Modern development and production environments utilize Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD). CI/CD merges development with testing, allowing developers to build code collaboratively, submit to a central repository, and be checked for issues before release to production. Code is automatically built, tested, and deployed which decreases the time between releases, and allows for rapid feature development and release.

Since Docker can integrate with tools like Jenkins and GitHub, developers can submit code, run tests, automatically trigger builds using Jenkins, and push new images to Docker registries. This streamlines the process, saves times on build and setup processes, all the while allowing developers to run tests in parallel and automate them so that they can continue to work on other projects. Since Docker works on premise, in the cloud, or in virtual environments, and supports both Linux and Windows, enterprises no longer have to deal with inconsistencies between different environments types.


Frictionless portability from development to test

Faster development cycle times


Higher quality releases



Integration with Jenkins


docker cicd

As both an official Docker and Cloudbees Consulting Partner, BoxBoat specializes in the architecture and implementation of containerized CI/CD.

Docker + Jenkins

Jenkins is the most used CI server in the industry. With the release of 2.0 and extensibility through plugins, Jenkins is now the go-to tool for continuous delivery.


  • Docker Pipeline – Integrate Docker build workflows into Jenkins Pipeline

  • Docker Plugin – Dynamically provision Jenkins¬†agents

  • Build and Publish – Docker slaves for building and pushing Docker images

How we can help

  • Modernized software testing and delivery architecture
  • Accelerating deployment processing using proven Agile methodologies
  • Isolating clear separation of concerns between the development and operations teams
  • Consulting and education on advantages of CI/CD workflow in your current environment
  • Configuration and deployment of CloudBees Jenkins CI with Docker containerization
  • Multi-environment test suite integration using container virtualization
  • Automating development to deployment pipeline