Full Stack Container And Microservice Monitoring With CoScale

What is CoScale?

CoScale is the premier enterprise-grade container and microservice monitoring solution for modern applications. Built from the ground up with containers in mind, it is optimized for large and dynamic production environments, with lightweight non-intrusive container and application instrumentation and streaming analytics to handle the large ingest of data.

Integrated with configuration management and orchestration tools, CoScale provides your organization introspection into the health of your hardware, orchestrator, containerized applications, and user experience. Automatic anomaly detection will identify abnormal behavior such as bottlenecks and slowdowns so you can proactively diagnose and mitigate problems before they happen.

In addition, CoScale lets you see performance issues in context by monitoring important events such as new deployments, orchestration actions, and configuration changes as well as custom events.

Customized Dashboards

Custom and Business Metrics

Container and Cluster Monitoring

Automatic Anomaly Detection

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