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App Innovation on Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure provides a fully featured public cloud environment that simplifies the process of migrating your software applications to the cloud. With a rich suite of hosting options, shared services, and built-in tools, migrating to the cloud has never been easier, and the benefits have never manifested this quickly.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner and a Preferred Azure Kubernetes Service Partner, our considerable DevOps and OSS expertise is augmented by the product knowledge and vendor best practices of Microsoft's Cloud Architects

We'll help your organization deploy your applications to Azure Kubernetes Service with our Application Innovation Accelerator and our Azure Kubernetes DevOps Container Platform.

Want to learn more about Azure Kubenetes Service? Watch our Introduction to AKS webinar today!

Benefits of Microsoft App Innovation

Ease of Use

Modernizing and deploying your software to Microsoft Azure and Azure Kubernetes Service simplifies managing your applications. Take advantage of a rich suite of managed services and let your engineers do what they do best -implement key features for your users.


Accelerate your cloud native strategy by leveraging our end-to-end container management platform built on Azure. Take advantage of the rich suite of Azure integrations, fast code deployments, and accelerated time to value for your customers while limiting your risk.

Minimize Cost

Take advantage of free Kubernetes Master nodes in AKS to decrease your hosting costs while maximizing high availability. Utilize our BoxOps MSP, built on top of Azure Kubernetes Service, to reduce your compute node costs by up to 80% with Low Priority VMs.

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