GitLab is the all-in-one DevSecOps platform for high-performing, cloud native organizations.

We can help unlock your organization's full DevSecOps potential with agile software development, continuous integration, continuous delivery, and Kubernetes. All on GitLab.

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GitLab Enterprise

GitLab Inc is the company behind GitLab, the all-in-one agile development and DevSecOps platform. GitLab makes it easier for organizations to consolidate to a single tool to manage source code, agile development, issue tracking, continuous integration, continuous delivery, and security.

GitLab offers a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and on-premise product to meet the unique needs of your organization, with different feature tiers depending on your requirements.

As a GitLab Select Channel Partner and a certified CNCF Kubernetes Service Provider, we can help you leverage GitLab to improve your developer experience, enhance your CI/CD pipelines, and deploy your applications to Kubernetes.

Benefits of GitLab Enterprise


GitLab is your all-in-one agile development DevSecOps solution. GitLab will help your team develop software faster, and then create the automation to enforce security and governance for your applications. GitLab offers a SaaS product and an on-premise solution to meet the needs of your organization.

Auto DevOps

GitLab comes built-in with Auto DevOps. Auto DevOps enables you to rapidly create continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines automatically for all of your projects. There are also built-in integrations for static analysis and deployment strategies.


GitLab is a core part of your Kubernetes strategy. GitLab and its features will help your team implement DevSecOps to support your growing portfolio of containerized applications deployed to Kubernetes. Paradigms like GitOps and GitLabFlow will make the process even easier and more repeatable.

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