How We Engage

We don't believe in "one size fits all" - we'll work with your organization to assess your needs, put together a custom plan of action, and help you achieve your goals.


BoxBoat helps financial institutions adopt cutting edge technologies like Docker and Kubernetes to modernize datacenters, application delivery, and automation processes. We understand the security, audit, and compliance needs that these types of organizations face.

Higher Education

BoxBoat helps train engineers, operations, and students associated with higher education to help bring new technologies into their institutional workflows. From training to managed container platforms like Rancher and Docker Enterprise, to cloud and continuous integration, we help colleges and universities succeed.

Government and Research

BoxBoat understands the needs of Federal, State, and Local governments, in addition to scientific research institutions. We can help bring cutting edge technologies from your organization, from scientific data workflows to air-gapped installations.

Publishing, Online, and E-Commerce

We've helped many companies deploy their public-facing applications for customers. From implementing continuous integration for news articles to platform re-architectures for e-commerce to training, we've helped many organizations adopt cutting edge technology.

Advanced Products and Networking

BoxBoat has significant experience productizing existing software applications with modern technologies including Kubernetes and DevOps. We'll help you take advantage of cloud native methodologies and on-premise datacenter modernization to improve customer experience.


We've worked with insurance companies, lab testers, and other fitness organizations to help meet the growing demands of clients by implementing cutting edge technologies like Docker, Kubernetes, and Continuous Integration to optimize workflows while adhering to data privacy rules.