Case Study:

Plexus Worldwide

The Challenge

Plexus Worldwide makes various health and wellness supplements sold through a group network sales model.

Plexus required an automated system to handle code validation, packaging and deployment. Test and deployment cycles were limited by time spent setting up and deploying environments.

The BoxBoat Solution

BoxBoat consultants worked closely with Plexus staff to implement a tailored Jenkins build and deployment process and configure all existing microservices. The automated system builds, publishes, and optionally deploys content to environments with minimal configuration. Production-ready Docker Swarm instances were created in AWS as deployment targets. Custom dashboards were created and deployed to facilitate not only QA workflow, but administration of both Blue/Green and Canary deployments with the ability to load balance traffic on-the-fly. The combination of a CI/CD process and multiple Swarm environments allowed a rapid build/test cycle and confidence when running production deployments.

All work was performed with customer resources on hand for knowledge transfer and training purposes. Detailed documentation was provided, as well as a continued support plan.

The Results

Implemented a production ready Docker Swarm environment.

Provided preview environments for rapid testing and iteration of new code

Reduced new application deployment time from hours to minutes.

Provided insight into applications and infrastructure through monitoring solutions

Staff is proficient in Docker allowing them to support and grow their environment without external support.

Technologies Used

Open source web server
Open source container platform