Meet Our Team

We are technologists at heart who believe in the power of DevOps and the increased scale, flexibility, and resource utilization it brings to the development workflow.

Executive Team

Tim Hohman

Will Kinard

Kristen Hohman
Operations Director

Ken Mellett
EVP Sales

BoxBoat was founded in 2016 with the idea that the standardization of containers (Docker) would be so transformational that enterprises would engage best practice experts to help them accelerate their adoption of this game-changing technology. We didn’t know it at the time, but we were building a team of “digital transformers.”

Ken Mellett, Will Kinard, Kristen Hohman, and I bring decades of experience in the business of technology and a passion for working with customers. Our original team of four has grown to a group of 40+ creative and deeply skilled professionals with a passion for DevOps, Docker, and Kubernetes.

Our goal is to understand your current software development and deployment processes, team skillset, budget, and goals, and then to create with your input a new optimized process utilizing the latest technologies. We have a broad toolbox to work with so that we can design a workflow that meets your business’s unique needs. Working with companies of all sizes and stages, from established Fortune 100 firms to venture-backed startups, we do a deep-dive assessment of your needs before we come back with a recommendation about how to best proceed.

We love working with our customers to design the optimal solution for the need at hand and then embedding our team with yours to make the project a resounding success. Please contact us for an initial discussion on how we can help accelerate your project. We welcome the opportunity to work with you.

- Tim Hohman, BoxBoat CEO

Meet the BoxBoat Team

We are a group of talented engineers and professionals with a diverse set of  backgrounds. From software engineers to cloud architects and DevOps, program management, operations, and support, our dedicated team will help understand your problems and build cutting edge solutions.

Brandon Mitchell
Senior Solutions Architect

David Widen
‍‍Director, Strategic Initiatives

Kim DeRose
‍‍‍ Field Marketing

Caleb Lloyd
‍‍‍Director, Managed Services

Jesse Antoszyk
‍‍Senior Solutions Architect

Matt DeVenny
Principal Solutions Architect

Cole Kennedy
‍‍Director, Defense Initiatives

Liz Veraart
‍‍‍ Accounting and Finance

Rob Johnston
‍‍Senior Program Manager

Forester Vosburgh
Solutions Architect

Eric Sabatella
Director, Professional Services

Alex Leavitt
DevOps Engineer

Bryton Hall
‍‍Senior DevOps Engineer

Jess Bodzo
Solutions Architect

Mike Gosey
‍‍ Account Executive

Dan Cashman
Director, Engineering

Don Cleghorn‍
Director, Sales

Nick DiDonato
Account Executive

Haisum Mussawir
Solutions Architect

Cora Chenault
‍‍ DevOps Engineer

Nick Miethe
DevOps Engineer

Facundo Gauna
Solutions Architect

Jimmy Ungerman
DevOps Engineer

Mikhail Swift
‍‍ DevOps Engineer

Brian Dunnigan
‍‍ DevOps Engineer

Michael Hewitt
‍‍ DevOps Engineer

Aldo Perez
‍‍‍ DevOps Engineer

Matt Jacobs
‍‍ Account Executive

Zach Yonash
‍‍ Solutions Architect

John Hooks
‍‍‍ Solutions Architect

Mike Madsen
‍‍‍ Solutions Architect

Corin Ziyadeh
‍‍‍‍DevOps Engineer

Zachary Nickens
‍‍‍‍DevOps Engineer

Clifford Eckles
‍‍‍ DevOps Engineer

Zachary Hackett
DevOps Engineer

Wes Merrick
DevOps Engineer

Justin VanWinkle
Solutions Architect

Michael Shen
DevOps Engineer

Brian Workman
Solutions Architect

Natalie Reinford
Account Executive

Parth Patel
DevOps Engineer