Case Study:

Fortune 300
Healthcare Company

The Challenge

Healthcare Company is one of the worlds largest medical services providers.

The organization was having difficulty modernizing their existing application development and deployment process and pipeline resulting in inefficient use of datacenter resources, problems with scalability, and long turn-around times for new application deployments.

The BoxBoat Solution

BoxBoat consultants implemented Docker EE, containerized one of the organizations legacy 3-tier web applications, deployed the containerized application to the Docker EE environment, develop an automated “one-touch” process for provisioning new application instances, and conducted load and performance testing against the application in the new Docker EE environment.

All work was performed with customer resources on hand for knowledge transfer and training purposes.

The Results

Implemented a production ready Docker EE Environment.

Reduced new application instance provisioning time from hours to minutes.

Enabled highly flexible scalability across the application stack.

Allowed a much more efficient utilization of the organizations existing infrastructure investment.

Staff is proficient in Docker allowing them to support and grow their environment without external support.

Technologies Used