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BoxBoat Announces DevSecOps Managed Services Momentum with their BoxOps Platform


by Tim Hohman | Monday, Apr 12, 2021 | BoxOps DevSecOps

Bethesda, MD – BoxBoat Technologies (BoxBoat), a premier DevSecOps and digital transformation consultancy, today announced that it is realizing significant Managed Services revenue growth driven by greater customer adoption of its BoxOps platform. This mirrors the growth that BoxBoat sees in the adoption of DevOps and cloud native technologies by commercial companies and government agencies across the world. BoxOps is BoxBoat's DevSecOps managed service platform. BoxOps is a managed Kubernetes offering deployed in your cloud environment, build on top of industry-leading tools such as Rancher, GitLab, Jenkins, Vault, and Harbor.

Minimize Cloud Hosting Costs with BoxOps and EKS Spot Instance Workers


by Matthew DeVenny | Wednesday, Jul 31, 2019 | BoxOps Kubernetes

Elastic Kubernetes Service Using Spot Instances Many organizations migrate to the cloud to reduce their hardware and IT management costs. By design, cloud provider data centers are not fully utilized, with the growth outpacing customer demand. However, the cloud provider would ideally like to capitalize on all of these extra compute resources. In an effort to maximize usage, cloud providers attempt to sell this spare capacity at a reduced cost until someone willing to pay the normal rate needs those resources.

What is BoxOps?


by Matthew DeVenny | Thursday, Jun 6, 2019 | BoxOps

With the fast pace of technology and the widespread adoption of containers industry wide, it can be a daunting undertaking for some businesses to make the leap into Kubernetes. Managing any orchestration platform properly requires a time investment and a team of experts to ensure that it remains stable and secure. At BoxBoat, we recognized that many customers would prefer to run their applications on Kubernetes and let someone else worry about managing the platform.