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My First Week as a BoxBoat Solutions Architect


by Aaron Walker | Wednesday, Oct 6, 2021 | BoxBoat

Hello, my name is Aaron Walker and I recently joined BoxBoat as a Solutions Architect. I wanted to give you some insight into the question, “what is your first week at BoxBoat like?" After being offered my Solutions Architect position, I wanted to interview some current BoxBoaters. Many BoxBoaters, including myself, have goals that stretch far beyond the boundaries of our roles. I wanted to hear from folks directly on how BoxBoat leadership helped them achieve those goals.

A New Chapter for BoxBoat


by Tim Hohman | Thursday, Jul 29, 2021 | BoxBoat

Today, I am proud to announce that IBM has completed its acquisition of BoxBoat Technologies. We are excited to join the IBM family as part of the Global Business Services Hybrid Cloud team. For additional information on the acquisition, please visit the IBM Newsroom. Ken, Will, Kristen, and I founded BoxBoat 5 years ago with the idea that we could help transform enterprise organizations with Docker container technology and DevOps practices.

A Day in the Life of a BoxBoat DevOps Engineer


by Jimmy Ungerman | Thursday, Mar 11, 2021 | BoxBoat

Hello all! My name is Jimmy Ungerman and I’m next in our series of “Day in the Life” blogs here at BoxBoat. Now a days, DevOps seems to be the next big thing. Every company is hiring troves of DevOps Engineers to help them automate deployment jobs, setup and maintain infrastructure, or just be the go-to Kubernetes person. As one of the DevOps Engineers here at BoxBoat, I'll take you through a pretty typical day for me.

A Day in the Life of a BoxBoat Solutions Architect


by Forester Vosburgh | Thursday, Mar 4, 2021 | BoxBoat

Hello! My name is Forester Vosburgh and I'm a Solutions Architect here at BoxBoat. You may be wondering, “what does a Solutions Architect at BoxBoat actually do?” Now that I've worked with many different clients, I know that “Solutions Architect” really does mean a ton of different things, so I wanted to take some time to illustrate what you can expect to do here at BoxBoat. Similar to David's post, I'll run through a typical day for me.

A Day in the Life of a BoxBoat Director


by David Widen | Wednesday, Feb 24, 2021 | BoxBoat

Hey everyone, my name is David Widen and I'm the Director of Training here at BoxBoat Technologies. As an organization, we get a lot of questions, such as “what do you actually do?” To be honest, this is a great question – what do we actually do? Some of us contribute to presales activities. Others run technical engagements, and most of us are still hands on the keyboard for our customers.