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Category: Azure

Self-Hosted Azure DevOps Pipeline Agents in Kubernetes


by Daniel Morrison | Thursday, Oct 21, 2021 | Azure Kubernetes Open-Source

There are many pros to hosting your own Azure DevOps(ADO) Pipeline Agents including: cost savings, increased control, and a cloud-native design. However, self-hosting anything can be tricky, and maintenance of agents can be tiresome. For these reasons a short-lived, ephemeral agent is ideal. One powerful way to achieve this is by running your agents on Kubernetes. Let’s dive into setting up our own agent's Docker image and self-hosted agent pool.

Announcing the AKS Health Check


by Natalie ReinfordFacundo Gauna | Wednesday, Aug 4, 2021 | Azure Kubernetes Open-Source

As we continue to work with more clients and different types of organizations, we continue to see a trend - the lack of time. Organizations are often racing to get a project “live” or struggle to keep up with the demand of infrastructure deployments across the enterprise. The same is true for Kubernetes. And with this rush, organizations don't have the time to become familiar with the vast amount of documentation and recommended best practices.