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Deployment Methodologies with GitLab -- Blue/Green


by Zach Hackett | Wednesday, Feb 9, 2022 | DevOps CICD GitLab

The world of CICD is home to a plethora of deployment methodologies, or ways we deploy our code into various environments. From canary deployments to manual rollouts, there is a strategy for everyone. With this series of articles, we aim to give you insight into the different options out there, so you and your team can choose the best deployment strategy for you. This time around, we're diving into the Blue/Green deployment methodology.

The Security Benefits of Podman-in-Docker vs Docker-in-Docker in Gitlab (And How To Set That Up)


by Carly Rodriguez | Monday, Feb 7, 2022 | Education Docker Security

Containers have given the tech industry a convenient way to bundle up dependencies and code into a portable image that can run seamlessly across different computing environments. This convenience, however, can sometimes come at a cost. In order to leverage docker building capabilities within a Gitlab environment, the docker-executor must be given host privileges to run a docker-in-docker service that will allow connection to the docker daemon on the host machine.

Admission Controller for Secure Supply Chain Verification - Kyverno


by Parth Patel | Monday, Dec 6, 2021 | Secure Supply Chain Open-Source Security

Admission Controllers are an important piece of ensuring that production clusters only deploy signed and trusted applications. Running these tools within your cluster allows for automated detection and enforcement of your organization's policies. They can be especially useful when dealing with supply chain security! Open Policy Agent Gatekeeper has become one of the standards used for a variety of validating and mutating webhooks. But another tool, Kyverno, has been growing in popularity (and functionality) to meet the challenges of supply chain security.

Secure Supply Chain - Tekton Chains


by Parth Patel | Monday, Nov 8, 2021 | Secure Supply Chain Open-Source Security

Tekton has been growing in popularity as a go-to CI/CD cloud native pipeline tool. Tekton installs and runs as an extension on a Kubernetes cluster and comprises a set of Kubernetes Custom Resources that define the building blocks you can create and reuse for your pipelines. It provides the ability to create custom pipelines with various tasks, from building images, storing and scanning the images, and deploying them to a kubernetes cluster.

Introducing Dockhand LRU Registry


by Matthew DeVenny | Monday, Nov 1, 2021 | CI/CD

At BoxBoat we are always trying to accelerate DevOps processes for our customers – that's why we have lots of tooling around CI/CD, which you can find on our GitHub. We are excited to announce that we have added another tool to the boat - Dockhand LRU Registry Modern CI/CD platforms typically have the option to utilize Kubernetes based build agents or runners to streamline builds allowing you to build on your Kubernetes clusters.

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