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Secure Supply Chain - Tekton Chains


by Parth Patel | Monday, Nov 8, 2021 | Secure Supply Chain Open-Source Security

Tekton has been growing in popularity as a go-to CI/CD cloud native pipeline tool. Tekton installs and runs as an extension on a Kubernetes cluster and comprises a set of Kubernetes Custom Resources that define the building blocks you can create and reuse for your pipelines. It provides the ability to create custom pipelines with various tasks, from building images, storing and scanning the images, and deploying them to a kubernetes cluster.

Introducing Dockhand LRU Registry


by Matthew DeVenny | Monday, Nov 1, 2021 | CI/CD

At BoxBoat we are always trying to accelerate DevOps processes for our customers – that's why we have lots of tooling around CI/CD, which you can find on our GitHub. We are excited to announce that we have added another tool to the boat - Dockhand LRU Registry Modern CI/CD platforms typically have the option to utilize Kubernetes based build agents or runners to streamline builds allowing you to build on your Kubernetes clusters.

Self-Hosted Azure DevOps Pipeline Agents in Kubernetes


by Daniel Morrison | Thursday, Oct 21, 2021 | Azure Kubernetes Open-Source

There are many pros to hosting your own Azure DevOps(ADO) Pipeline Agents including: cost savings, increased control, and a cloud-native design. However, self-hosting anything can be tricky, and maintenance of agents can be tiresome. For these reasons a short-lived, ephemeral agent is ideal. One powerful way to achieve this is by running your agents on Kubernetes. Let’s dive into setting up our own agent's Docker image and self-hosted agent pool.

Introducing Dockhand Secrets Operator


by Matthew DeVenny | Wednesday, Oct 20, 2021 | Kubernetes Secrets Dockhand

Secrets Management on Kubernetes with GitOps can be challenging. Often times, engineers resort to creating secrets manually, injecting secrets through scripts with a CI/CD tool, or even worse, just committing the secrets directly to git. The Dockhand Secrets Operator solves that problem by allowing you to make arbitrary secrets in a standard way with only the secret bits stored in the backend(s) of your choice. At this time the following secrets managers are supported: AWS Secrets Manager, Azure Key Vault, GCP Secrets Manager or HashiCorp Vault.

My First Week as a BoxBoat Solutions Architect


by Aaron Walker | Wednesday, Oct 6, 2021 | BoxBoat

Hello, my name is Aaron Walker and I recently joined BoxBoat as a Solutions Architect. I wanted to give you some insight into the question, “what is your first week at BoxBoat like?" After being offered my Solutions Architect position, I wanted to interview some current BoxBoaters. Many BoxBoaters, including myself, have goals that stretch far beyond the boundaries of our roles. I wanted to hear from folks directly on how BoxBoat leadership helped them achieve those goals.

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