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BoxBoat's Perspective as a Rancher Platinum Partner

by Tim Hohman | Thursday, May 21, 2020 | Rancher Kubernetes


We founded BoxBoat Technologies in 2016 to help enable organizations with container technologies and DevSecOps processes. Back then, there were many different container orchestration technologies. Rancher had Cattle, Docker had Swarm, and Kubernetes was starting to gain market adoption but was very difficult to actually work with.

As the industry coalesced around Kubernetes, its been great for enterprises because now there is a gold standard for container orchestration. The industry continues to mature, and we've seen our enterprise customers rapidly adopt cloud native technologies.

As the Kubernetes tools started maturing, we decided to partner with Rancher because they have a great product that helps organizations, from dev to ops, rapidly adopt containers. Once operations teams start using Rancher, managing Kubernetes clusters becomes very simple.

Watch the full video to hear our full experience as a Rancher Platinum Partner.