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BoxBoat Announces Membership in Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service Preferred Partner Program

by David Widen | Monday, Jul 15, 2019 | Azure Kubernetes Service


Washington, D.C. – BoxBoat Technologies, LLC (BoxBoat), a leading DevOps and Cloud Transformation Consultancy, announces membership in the Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) Preferred Partner Program. AKS is a highly available SaaS Kubernetes offering that integrates with Azure tools to improve containerized application deployments. BoxBoat is excited to help companies accelerate their adoption of AKS for production workloads.

Kubernetes provides an industry-tested orchestration capability for container-based applications. As the second-most active open source project on GitHub and the first project graduated by the Cloud Native Compute Foundation, Kubernetes is quickly becoming the standard for container orchestration. As a managed service, Microsoft AKS reduces both the barrier for entry and the costs associated with deploying container-based workloads in the cloud.

“BoxBoat specializes in advising and implementing modern DevOps and Cloud tools and techniques to enable businesses to increase their pace of innovation” said Tim Hohman, BoxBoat CEO. “Utilizing AKS enables us to provide the most effective Kubernetes experience to our clients, to help them successfully migrate to highly available container-based deployments.”

“Application modernization is an important initiative for Microsoft and many customers are choosing Azure Kubernetes Service to achieve their goals,” said Gabe Monroy, Lead PM for Containers at Microsoft Azure. “While AKS provides a great cloud hosting solution, succeeding with application modernization often requires strong partners like BoxBoat, who are well versed in digital transformation, open source ecosystem and all things Microsoft.”

“BoxBoat Technologies helped us migrate our microservice based web applications into AKS. BoxBoat’s extensive Kubernetes experience coupled with AKS and its integrations with Azure DevOps, Azure Active Director, Azure Monitor, and Azure Application Insights provided us with a class-leading toolset,” commented Stone Lasley, Software Development Director at Stampin’ Up!

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