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What is BoxOps?

by Matthew DeVenny | Thursday, Jun 6, 2019 | BoxOps

What is BoxOps?

With the fast pace of technology and the widespread adoption of containers industry wide, it can be a daunting undertaking for some businesses to make the leap into Kubernetes. Managing any orchestration platform properly requires a time investment and a team of experts to ensure that it remains stable and secure. At BoxBoat, we recognized that many customers would prefer to run their applications on Kubernetes and let someone else worry about managing the platform. So, we built a managed offering that does just that - BoxOps.

BoxOps is a complete, opinionated BoxBoat-developed DevSecOps Managed Service, purpose-built to allow rapid deployment of containerized applications in a managed end-to-end orchestration environment and facilitates adoption of best practice CI/CD methodology. The bottomline - BoxOps allows you to focus on application development and leave the platform management to BoxBoat.

Great! So what does that mean in non-buzzword speak? BoxBoat will use automation for your cloud environment to deploy, manage, monitor and update your Kubernetes clusters. This includes VPC creation, security groups, IAM Roles, DNS management, certificate management, secrets management, load balancer management, container registry management, logging and monitoring. If you need a CI/CD platform, we have you covered there as well, BoxOps has a managed Jenkins deployment option. All of this runs in your environment giving you full visibility of the resources managed by BoxOps and ensuring a strong security posture for your applications. BoxOps support services are deployed in a separately managed Kubernetes cluster and will provide SSO to those services.

Sounds awesome! How do I get started? We recommend that you start with a container assessment. This will allow us to review where you are and provide recommendations on how to make the most of the BoxOps offering.

BoxOps is available right now on AWS, with plans to bring it to Azure and GCP.

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