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Welcome our new Docker Captain!

by Will Kinard | Monday, Apr 9, 2018 | Docker News


Brandon Mitchell, BoxBoat Solutions Architect, has been accepted into the Docker Captains Program!

Brandon Mitchell is a Solutions Architect for BoxBoat. He started with Linux when Slackware was shipped on floppy disks and has been hooked ever since. In his day job, he helps clients deploying docker CE, EE, Swarm, and CI/CD pipelines. In his spare time, he's answering questions on StackOverflow as BMitch or Tweeting under @sudo_bmitch. For a break from the keyboard, he enjoys biking and backpacking, not at the same time. Cats over dogs, vim over emacs, and spaces over tabs.

See Brandon's great community contributions at Stack Overflow and follow him on Twitter, @sudo_bmitch.

Congratulate Brandon on his entry to the Docker Captain Team!

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