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Docker Announces Kubernetes Support

by Caleb Lloyd | Tuesday, Oct 17, 2017 | Docker


Docker just announced that they are adding support for Kubernetes as an orchestration layer in addition to Swarm. Kubernetes is a mature container orchestration system originally created at Google, called “Borg.” It enables organizations to securely scale container-based applications, in addition to many other features.

Kubernetes support is going to be deeply integrated with the Docker Engine, and will be available in both Docker CE and Docker EE. Docker will be releasing new versions of Docker for Windows and Docker for Mac so that developers can test running applications locally against the Kubernetes orchestration layer.

With this announcement, Docker will be able to manage both Docker Swarm and Kubernetes clusters, across your cloud and on-premise environments. Once this change lands in Docker EE, organizations will be able to to manage and administer Kubernetes clusters in production with world-class support from Docker, Inc. Docker EE with Kubernetes support will include all existing major enterprise features: LDAP, RBAC, image scanning, content trust, and certified infrastructure/plugins.

This is a huge win for everyone. Kubernetes has historically been very challenging to install, configure, and manage. With Docker EE support for Kubernetes, the intuitive Universal Control Plane will help teams build out and manage clusters – a must for any operations team.

If you want to learn more about Docker's supported version of Kubernetes, feel free to contact us! We'll work with you to bring containerization to your organization.