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BoxBoat Technologies and Sage Consulting Announce Strategic Partnership

by David Widen | Friday, Jul 14, 2017 | News


BoxBoat Technologies (BoxBoat), an enterprise container advisory and Docker implementation services company and Sage Solutions Consulting (Sage), a leading provider of IT Solutions with a strong practice in ERP security, identity management, governance risk and compliance (GRC), and Big Data Analytics today announced a new strategic partnership. The partnership will combine BoxBoat’s expertise in containers, microservices and continuous delivery practices with Sage’s strong IT consulting practice to deliver end-to-end solutions targeted to streamline customer’s DevOps workflow and modernize their legacy applications.

Integrating Docker into your workflow allows application development teams to develop and test code more efficiently, and operations teams to ship code faster and more consistently. Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) dramatically improves the efficiency of building, testing, and deploying applications to production while improving software quality and minimizing bugs. Combining CI/CD with containerization streamlines the creation of production-ready deployments and reduces project time and cost. With this partnership, both Sage and BoxBoat’s customers can now take full advantage of each company’s long history and successes in their respective areas of expertise. Customers should expect frictionless end-to- end service and efficient, streamlined solutions as a result of the partnership.

“Partnering with Sage Solutions Consulting allows BoxBoat to provide our clients with world-class IT solutions built from the ground up to ensure best practices and accelerated results,” said Tim Hohman, CEO of BoxBoat Technologies. “With Sage’s commitment to success, choosing the best solution for the customer, as well as a great track record of successful implementations, we have no doubt that this partnership will provide dividends for all of our customers.”

“BoxBoat’s specialized Docker and container experience fits a requirement we see across our customer base to automate their development processes and migrate legacy applications off of expensive hardware” said Hugh Jetha, CEO of Sage Solutions Consulting. “Our partnership with BoxBoat will help our customers implement new DevOps workflows, reduce their application release cycles, and facilitate their adoption of more efficient hybrid infrastructure, resulting in cost savings both in the near and long term.”

About BoxBoat Technologies

BoxBoat Technologies was founded to empower and implement DevOps to build, ship, and run Docker distributed applications. We are technologists at heart who believe in the power of containerization and the increased scale, flexibility, and resource utilization it brings to the development workflow. Deliver software faster with BoxBoat, a Docker Inc. Authorized Consulting Partner.

About Sage Consulting Services

Sage Solutions Consulting, provides a range of IT consulting services with a key focus on ERP solutions. They are specifically well versed in Security: Identity Management, GRC, SSO, Cyber security, security assessments, and Big Data solutions. Over the last 15 years, they have provided certified IT consulting services to a range of industry leading Fortune 500/1000 and public sector businesses.  In addition, Sage leverages their key partnerships to provide an advanced 360-degree security solution that monitors, collects, and responds to (external and internal) threat intelligence data in real time. Their seasoned resources can successfully and securely integrate customer’s business processes by leveraging their experience and partnerships. To learn more about Sage Solutions Consulting, please visit