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What is Docker Enterprise Edition and why should you care?

by Tim Hohman | Monday, Mar 13, 2017 | Docker News


What is Docker Enterprise Edition and why should you care?

In March 2017, Docker Inc. announced the immediate availability Docker Enterprise Edition (EE), a new version of the Docker platform optimized for business-critical deployments.

Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) is an integrated, supported and certified container platform for:

It also supports both AWS and Microsoft Azure cloud providers. Docker released the following three versions:

In this same announcement, the open source project formerly called “Docker” is now called “Docker – Community Edition”.

These solutions were built by Docker Inc. to fulfill enterprise needs for robust container management with openness and flexibility as to your preferred programming stack, infrastructure, or legacy applications. Docker EE provides the market a single solution to manage container workflow (containers in application development) and container lifecycle (containers in operations).

To me, the best benefit of Docker EE is certification. Certification equals trust. Now when enterprises run Docker EE on a certified platform, they will have confirmation that the release is production grade. That means both Docker and the underlying infrastructure partner worked together to release a robust, tested version they will support and fix (with hot fixes) if needed. This is really important — you can’t count on the community to work over the weekend to fix your production issue.

The Docker Enterprise Edition is a great move by Docker and promises to accelerate enterprise adoption. Docker EE – a robust container management solution, optimizing workloads across multiple infrastructures of choice (RHEL, Windows, and AWS) with application flexibility, and security built in — glorious!