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BoxBoat + CoScale = Docker Performance Monitoring at its Best

by Tim Hohman | Monday, Dec 12, 2016 | News


BoxBoat and CoScale are announcing today their partnership to provide enterprises end-to-end visibility into the performance of their Dockerized applications. With CoScale, BoxBoat can provide a complete end-to-end offering to bring Docker distributed applications into production quicker and with increased reliability.

“Enterprises are increasingly using Docker in production,” said Tim Hohmann, CEO of BoxBoat. “In order to deploy their microservices and operate their containerized infrastructure with the right performance guarantees, they need specialized tools and services. We are excited to work together with CoScale to help enterprises accelerate their Docker deployments in production by providing them unprecedented visibility in the performance of their containers and microservices.”

Under the partnership, BoxBoat will be responsible for sales and implementation of the CoScale solution for the U.S. eastern region with a specific focus on the financial services, healthcare, and government industries. “BoxBoat’s unique focus on Docker implementation services and CoScale’s strong Docker monitoring capabilities are an ideal match,” said Stijn Polfliet, CEO of CoScale. “As a Docker Ecosystem Technology partner, CoScale is one of the few monitoring tools adapted for Dockerized applications, and we are looking forward to bringing our solution to market together with a strong partner like BoxBoat.”

“Monitoring microservices is radically different from monitoring monolithic applications,” added Frederick Ryckbosch, CTO of CoScale. “Traditional monitoring tools often add significant overhead and have a hard time keeping up with the dynamic infrastructure that supports microservices. At CoScale, we have built a lightweight monitoring solution that collects detailed performance metrics from the containers, orchestrators, and the applications running inside the containers. Using purpose-built anomaly detection, we can quickly detect abnormal behaviour on these metrics.”

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