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Cloud Technology and Strategy

Are you interested in migrating your workloads to the cloud, or do you want to optimize your current cloud architecture? Cloud computing provides a unique opportunity to reduce your infrastructure spending while improving reliability and minimizing IT management costs.

BoxBoat has a rich history of migrating on-premise applications to all public clouds, adopting managed container technologies like Azure Kubernetes Service and Elastic Kubernetes Service, minimizing infrastructure costs via on-demand instances, and optimizing cloud spend.

Key Benefits


Cloud technologies enable organizations to optimize every single part of their deployed applications. From custom virtual machines to networking, security, and even automatic scaling to meet dynamic end-user needs, public clouds offer significant features to enhance customer experience.


Cloud providers offer many software applications as a service. This simplifies IT and operations management while increasing reliability, uptime, and data recovery. Cloud-managed services include application deployments, infrastructure updates, databases, logging, monitoring, auditing, and visualization.

Reduce Costs

Effective usage of cloud technology can significantly reduce both infrastructure and management costs for organizations. However, the complexity of cloud platforms often leads to increased spending without the proper controls, auditing, and initial design architecture.

Application Migration

Migrating applications to the cloud is an excellent time to consider utilizing new technology and deployment paradigms, including switching to managed services to simplify application architecture. BoxBoat has successfully migrated many organizations to the cloud while simplifying architecture and reducing infrastructure costs.

App Re-Architecture

Introducing modern application technologies like Docker enables faster cloud deployments, more robust applications, increased application density, and a streamlined Continuous Integration process. We've worked with many organizations to re-architect their on-premise or cloud applications to take advantage of new technology.

Container Orchestration

Cloud native orchestration platforms like Kubernetes enable organizations to rapidly deploy their applications while utilizing significant built-in features such as horizontal autoscaling and automatic recovery. Kubernetes in the cloud provides a robust framework to easily deploy your distributed applications.

Managed Services

Many applications utilize several tiers, including caching, databases, and monitoring. Cloud platforms provide this functionality as a managed service. Applications can be deployed and utilize resources allocated and managed by cloud vendors, which increases reliability and uptime while decreasing your IT overhead and management costs.

Optimization and Strategy

Once applications are deployed to the cloud, there are many opportunities to optimize architecture and minimize infrastructure spend. BoxBoat has helped organizations reduce their infrastructure spending by up to 80% without impacting end-user performance or reliability, while simplifying deployment operations with automation.


Cloud environments present a unique opportunity to optimize every component of application architecture. From utilizing more advanced deployment primitives to swapping in or out managed services, each application component can be custom tailored to provide the maximum benefit to your application.


The majority of cloud operations can be automated. This presents a unique opportunity to minimize costs, create process, enhance security, and minimize application and environment drift between development, test, and production application clusters. Each cloud implements these differently, but the primitives are the same.

Cloud Spend

Cloud spending is one of the biggest barriers to full adoption. When organizations migrate to the cloud, BoxBoat helps them optimize their architecture and implements key features to dynamically scale when necessary, and utilize resources to minimize costs where appropriate. This can provide a return on investment almost immediately.

Managed Services

Cloud vendors provide common application and deployment technology as managed services. They'll allocate and manage the resources, your organization uses the software as a service. This presents an opportunity to simplify application architecture, and more effectively manage compute resources.


Every cloud vendor provides managed Kubernetes as a service. This enables your organization to deploy your application workloads without worrying about managing the Kubernetes management plane in high availability or upgrading your resources. Get the latest features and uptime SLAs without worrying about maintaining your infrastructure.


BoxOps is a fully managed Kubernetes and DevSecOps pipeline for your organization. All you need to do is push your code to git; we'll handle everything else from deploying your applications to maintaining uptime of your management plane and worker nodes. BoxOps lets you write code, and we'll take care of the rest.

Databses and Monitoring

Cloud vendors provide databases (such as SQL and Redis), logging (such as the Elastic Stack), and built-in monitoring capabilities as a service for your cloud applications. Take advantage of highly available, geographically distributed resources to deploy your applications and maximize response time for your end-users.

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