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“We hired Boxboat to help us containerize our mission-critical applications, automate our builds and deployments, train our staff, and modernize our production environment with Kubernetes and Rancher. They did excellent work and in 10 months we were completed, fully operational, and able to fully support our new environment. I would hire them again!”
-Carlos Vizcaino, Director of Software Development

Harvard University

"Docker is Magic and Boxboat is David Copperfield!  Boxboat's hands-on docker labs, demonstrations and the expert knowledge helped me understand the docker ecosystem, it's benefits and best practices. Terrific job Team Boxboat. Looking forward to our next engagement!"- Matt Mauro, Director of Application Development

Melco Resorts and Entertainment

"BoxBoat's knowledge and willingness to teach our staff has been extremely helpful as we build our team and their skills. Your flexibility and customer focus has been incredible... we greatly appreciate BoxBoat at Melco!"
-Andrew Tracy, Vice President, Performance Management


"I am completely impressed with the work BoxBoat has done and in particular with the people on the team. I have worked with many contractors and vendors in the past; BoxBoat has been the best ever."

- Matt Eberle, Director of Software Development

Plexus Worldwide

"Plexus worked with BoxBoat to optimize our CI/CD pipeline specifically to speed deployments to our Docker platform. To say that we've come a long way is an understatement! This project greatly simplified our deployments and significantly impacted the productivity of our developers and QA staff. BoxBoat worked seamlessly with our team and the project was certainly a big success."
-Gareth Hooper, Chief Information Officer


“We approached BoxBoat as a Kubernetes training partner and quickly realized they could be a valuable hands-on asset in delivering our first cloud-native platform. The BoxBoat team not only had the bleeding-edge technology experience, but the responsiveness and agility to get moving quickly within our organization. They were able to deliver Rancher-based infrastructure and improved CI/CD tooling that met our unique business requirements, all while navigating the complex IT landscape of a large corporation. Our engagement with BoxBoat was key in accelerating our product development cycle.”
-Dan Stough, Product Owner

iJet International

“I’d like to recognize the efforts, expertise, and professionalism with which the Boxboat team worked with us throughout our project. BoxBoat modernized several of iJet’s existing DevOps solutions and delivered Dockerized systems, documentation, and recorded training that will serve us very well in future. They showed great expertise, temperament, and perseverance to help us get to where we are now. They’d be assets on any team and we were very happy to have had them on ours.”
-Ameet Nayak, Vice President Software Engineering

Discover Technologies

“Thanks BoxBoat for the extremely helpful BoxBoat Bootcamp for Docker.  Your team brought the optimal mix of Docker expertise, ‘new stack’ knowledge, and real world experience.  This was a great way to kick-off our relationship.”
-Malcolm Hyson, Chief Technology Officer

ePlan Services

“ePlan Services, a leader in online 401(k) Plans, selected BoxBoat to assist ePlan on the use of a micro-service architecture, Jenkins, and Docker to create an updated customer facing web site.   The BoxBoat team has been an outstanding teammate, executing with the highest level of professionalism, technical expertise, and responsiveness.  Our collaboration on this innovative project, building an agile continuous delivery capability, has allowed ePlan to be more responsive to our customer’s needs in using our services.”
-Trevor Sterritt, Manager of Software and IT

Faria Education Group

“BoxBoat came in on short notice and did a thorough job of reviewing our new Docker architecture. Their exhaustive knowledge and cheerful professionalism helped us clear the last hurdles to a successful deployment.”
-Mike Gunderloy, Vice President Engineering

Distributed Information Technologies

"We rapidly covered the ins and outs of the platform and got to work testing containerization with familiar applications. Will and Brandon were very knowledgeable and demonstrated capabilities directly aimed at our business needs with hands-on exercises."-Edward Trudeau, Director of Software Development

Stampin' Up!

“BoxBoat helped us migrate our web microservice applications into Azure AKS. The combination of BoxBoat’s extensive Kubernetes experience with AKS and its integrations with Azure DevOps, Azure Active Directory, Azure Monitor, and Azure Insights provided us with a class-leading experience,”

-Stone Lasley, Software Development Director