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What is Docker Enterprise Edition 17.06?

by David Widen | Wednesday, Sep 13, 2017 | Docker


Back in March 2017, Docker Inc. announced the release of Docker Enterprise Edition (Docker EE), a new version of the Docker platform packaged with other enterprise products to support business-critical and production deployments. After a full 6 months of aggressive adoption by the enterprise community at large, Docker Inc. has released their newest version of Docker EE, designed to completely change the market with respect to production deployments, security, and multi-platform software systems.

To support business-critical and production deployments, Docker Enterprise Edition includes the following components:

These features enable your organization to take production software deployments to the next level. They were built by Docker Inc. to fulfill enterprise needs for robust container management with openness and flexibility in mind. Whether your organization is running monolithic legacy applications or distributed Microservices, Docker EE provides a single solution to manage your entire container workflow and, more broadly, your business-critical and production deployments.

Docker EE gives you the confidence that your production software deployments will be secure by default, fault tolerant, and support your organization's deployment needs.

With the August release of Docker Enterprise Edition (17.06), Docker Inc. has added even more features to support your enterprise deployments. Docker EE now supports the following platforms:

In addition to supporting all major enterprise compute platforms, Docker Enterprise Edition now supports multi-platform clusters. This means that Docker EE is the only container management solution that allows you to manage Windows, Linux, and mainframe applications across your hybrid on-premises and cloud infrastructure.

The best benefit of Docker Enterprise Edition is certification. This means you can trust that both Docker and the underlying infrastructure partner worked together to release a robust, tested version that they will support and fix if needed. This is very important for enterprise deployments — you can count on the engineers at Docker to release a stable product, and issue rapid hotfixes to ensure that your production environment remains stable.